Over The Counterculture

by StageFright

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released August 26, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Alex in June 2012, at the No Fun Club in Island Park, NY.

StageFright is:
Tony A - drums
J - vocals
Keri - bass
Pete - guitar

Music written by StageFright, lyrics written by J.

Gang vocals by J, Pete, Alex, and Damien.

Artwork by J.



all rights reserved


StageFright New York, New York

Long Island Hardlycore. We existed as a band from 2010-2012.

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Track Name: ...And I'm All Out Of Bubblegum
Obey, consume, marry and reproduce
Do not question authority
Buy, conform, submit, watch T.V.
No imagination

Follow, surrender, honor apathy
No independent thought, no ideas
Work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, play 8 hours
Stay asleep

They live, we sleep.
Track Name: No Punk Intended
You think no one is cognizant
you think no one's

of all the time you spend
replicating everyone that you see,
hoping it will alleviate you of
your inability
to create your own identity, but

There is a fine line between
drawing inspiration and imitation,
and you cross it every time.
No dedication or innovation,
you've got nothing new to offer.
Formula's both tried and true,
so you simply settle for
rehashing everything that came before you.

They’re just words,
the messages never
resonating, it’s just an aesthetic,
and your attempts to emulate those
who have integrity
are pathetic - ethic’s not cosmetic.

The words you write don’t reflect your way of life.
Track Name: Nöf Renduvmein
You conform to your surroundings.
Your behavior is confounding.
You hope to be unobtrusive.
You’re obtuse, I won’t forgive your

duplicity, complacency,
and your inability
to break free
of your dependency.
It’s a shame to see
such insincerity.

You’ll disparage anyone
if it will get you up a rung
on the ladder of acceptance,
regardless of consequences.
Things will never be resolved
if you refuse to absolve
yourself of the decadence
with which you have coalesced.

Your intentions are well known,
have no opinions of your own.
Afraid that you’ll be all alone,
just know that I do not condone
why in fear you live encased,
acceptance from peers is what you chase,
why you revere and you embrace
their insincere displays of grace.

I can see through. I can see you.
Track Name: Strike Anywhere But Here
I was once a match waiting to be struck,
resting in a bed of splinters
I couldn’t find the desire to pluck.
I didn’t think that I could take another winter.

Would I find it within myself to burn
or simply find a way to live with the cold?

Winter came and left me with nothing
except a lesson often found in fiction,
but it was too late as I’d already started burning.
As it turned out I had been the sole source of all the friction.

I found it within myself to burn,
but how much longer can I go before there’s nothing left?

Am I simply waiting to be put out?

Bodies fall victim to fires in mind,
little can stop them once they have begun.
It is just a matter of time
before this match finally ends its run.
Track Name: Flowers
Boy afraid, with nothing to say.
She looks at him, he looks the other way.
Headphones on and head in arms,
“Looks can’t kill, but they can certainly harm.”
Despondent, dreading interaction,
the fate of his comfort lies in her actions.
She approaches; footsteps resounding.
She encroaches, his heart starts pounding.

The wind was calm, the ocean was still,
he envied them both as he sat atop the pedestal
on which he never asked to be placed.
“What have I done to deserve her embrace?”
Fixated on stars in the sky,
unable to glance at those in her eyes.
Tension flowing just like her dress,
the one she wore hoping to impress.

Monotone, face of stone, heart ice cold.

Falling faster than the rain,
beating every single drop to the ground.
We hit the ground.
Burning brighter than the sun,
but we could never be found.
We burned out.

Forgettable at best, memorable at worst.
Words spoke in jest have since become a curse.
A crushsick kid sick of being crushed.
An impulsive guy who would die to not have a pulse.

Everything I touch turns too cold.

Double standards; half-hearted romance.
Too many risks and not a single chance.
Her perceptions of feelings unreciprocated,
they were always there, I just hesitated.
Countered her warmth with a cold shoulder,
so many things I never told her.
How she managed to make a deathful kid feel full of life.
How she led him out of the dark with her radiating light.
Flowers decay, romance dissipates.

Lovers in hate with no reason to stay.
Moments of lust are not worth months of anguish,
but neither one is willing to relinquish
the other, themself, of the chains that bind.
Bitter tongues coated with sugar lips,
hatred envelops - sealed with a kiss.

This is not an apology,
this is our elegy.